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Related post: � Clinical Faculty Preceptors, in accordance with ACPE standards, may be required to participate in continuing education programs offered by SUCOP in order to maintain competency as a fully qualified preceptor at SUCOP. Mentoring can be defined as helping others reach their full potential as professionals. As a role model for the pharmacy student, preceptors are encouraged to hold students accountable for behavior, performance and attainment of all course objectives. Preceptors should encourage students to engage in active learning and provide regular feedback with guidance on self improvement. Tools for successful Page 11 of 111 mentoring are made available to our Clinical Faculty Preceptors through the Office Diltiazem Hcl Cd 240 Mg of Experiential Education. These resources are administered through E-Value at the following web site: www.e-value.net. User names and passwords will be made available upon appointment as a clinical faculty preceptor. A tutorial is provided and help with E-Value is also available through the Office of Experiential Education. Student attendance is required. Please refer to the attendance section of student Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and its clinical faculty do not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. SUCOP maintains all necessary liability insurance for all SUCOP Clinical Faculty Preceptors should develop a professional relationship that is based on teacher-student model rather than the typical employer-employee relationship. Students are not to be compensated by the facility for any experiential activity which the student may receive academic credit from SUCOP. Clinical Faculty Preceptors are cautioned that fraternization may endanger the teacher-student relationship. Students must attempt to resolve any conflicts that may develop. In the event there is a conflict between preceptor and student that cannot be resolved without intervention, the Office of Experiential Education should be notified as soon as possible. If resolution is not a viable alternative, the student may be reassigned to another Student assessment and evaluation is the responsibility of the Clinical Faculty Preceptor and student. Student assessment is an ongoing process which requires continuous feedback, constructive criticism and demonstrative competency. Student portfolios should be available upon request for review of their Portfolio Preceptors will assess and evaluate students at mid-term and at the end of the Final evaluations must be completed in E-Value or mailed to the Office of Experiential Education within five business days of a students completion of their experiential activities. Page 12 of 111 Page 13 of 111 SULLIVAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY INTERMEDIATE PHARMACY PRACTICE EXPERIENCE (IPPE) MANUAL Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE), PCAS 601 and PCAS 602, represents your first hands-on opportunity to experience the profession of pharmacy. IPPE is an eight-week experiential encounter consisting of four weeks in community practice and four weeks in hospital pharmacy practice and 80 hours of service learning conducted at various clinical sites in the metropolitan area. Students will be scheduled for a minimum of 40 hours per week in each of the hospital and community experiences. The service learning component will be scheduled at the direction of the OEE. Kentucky and Indiana students may be sent to their home regions for their IPPE. IPPE assignments will be made by the OEE. Student requests will be entertained when The purpose of IPPE is to begin the translation of didactically acquired knowledge and apply it in the professional workplace. Your experiential opportunity will be divided into primary learning objectives and additional learning objectives. You must master all primary learning objectives before advancement to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) will be allowed. Additionally, you must meet or partially meet all Additional Learning Objectives. A. Participate in a medication history or review; assess patient symptoms, responses, adverse events and medication adherence as it applies to a patients B. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required as building blocks in creating a patient specific pharmacotherapy care plan. C. Demonstrate the knowledge of building blocks needed to develop evidence based patient centered care plan using, patient demographic data, literacy, cultural diversity, economic, psychosocial and behavioral markers and current literature. D. Demonstrate an ability to use all components of data base retrieval to include analysis and interpretation. Students will participate in problem solving, data retrieval, analysis, and interpretation in the support of patient care. E. Demonstrate an ability and knowledge of how to use various technologies necessary to ensure and optimize care of the patient. F. Process prescription orders accurately, safely and in a timely fashion ensuring all patient information is appropriately obtained and documented. G. Student is able to treat patients with empathy and compassion. Student demonstrates knowledge of the laws governing confidentiality. H. Respects and treats each patient as an individual. Understands the need for treating patients with dignity. I. Act with respect, honesty and integrity in all professional matters. Page 14 of 111 J. Assume safe and accurate compounding, preparation and dispensing of medication K. Describe the use and impact of technology in optimizing medication safety. Describe the importance of work flow and its effect on medication safety. Demonstrate an ability to utilize alternative systems when acting in the patients behalf. Demonstrate ability to document events, problems, and solutions with patients and patients agent orally, electronically, and manually in a concise, accurate, and efficient manner. Obtain prior authorization from the prescriber. L. Demonstrate knowledge of how technology is Diltiazem Hcl 240 Mg used to enhance patient therapy in the M. Identify and report medication errors and adverse events Buy Diltiazem Hcl to appropriate individuals or organizations to Diltiazem Hcl Cr include local, state, and federal agencies. Evaluate information obtained from adverse drug reactions and medication error reporting systems to identify preventable causes and solutions. Identify Diltiazem Hcl Cd solutions which can minimize the occurrence of adverse events. N. Describe the leadership styles, organizational structure, and the duties of various personnel at the facility. O. Demonstrate knowledge of all applicable laws and understand the process for dealing with legal issues. Act in the patients best interest and in accordance with the standards and ethics of the profession. Learning objectives for IPPE are as Diltiazem Hcl Er Cd Caps follows: Accurately reads, processes and transcribes a written prescription or medication Accurately reconstitutes a medication and/or prepares a sterile product (including calculations when appropriate) insuring all additional information is provided to the patient when dispensed. Selects appropriate medication when filling a prescription or medication order. Accurately labels and dispenses medication. Provide additional information with dispensed medication to include, instructions for use, drug or disease state information or drug labeling as required by FDA Accurately obtains all required information when filling and/or refilling prescriptions or medication orders. Contacts physician for refill or clarification of medication via phone, fax or electronic submission when needed. Obtains demographic information, medication, Diltiazem Hcl Er allergy and medical history from a new patient or update existing patient data. Explains the process for handling a medication error and reports adverse drug Explains how the site uses technology to maximize medication safety within the Explains the roles, duties, and responsibilities of the various personnel within the Page 15 of 111 Demonstrates knowledge of brand names and generic names of at least the top Participates in patient counseling taking into account patients health literacy, cultural diversity, behavioral and economic issues. Demonstrates and applies knowledge of confidentiality and HIPAA. Performs all duties and tasks in accordance with legal and professional pharmacy regulations, standards and guidelines. Appropriately and accurately responds to drug information requests. Demonstrates empathy to patients and coworkers.
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